Our Careteam

Kennel Assistant
For as long as Krista can remember, animals have been part of her life. During Krista’s childhood, she always had at least one dog or cat; and her family home also played host to numerous birds and mice. Krista was always grateful for her pets’ unconditional love, and she returns that affection by giving her kennel guests the tender loving care they deserve!

Growing up in Lorain, Ohio with her three brothers and one sister, Krista was an avid reader. She was also a budding poet, and was excited when one of her poems appeared in print.

Krista came to Pet Med Clinic in May 2008, and enjoys keeping the hospital’s boarding guests clean and comfortable. Krista especially likes to devote attention to dogs who are a bit reserved; and through her love and care, these furry canine guests are soon showering her with tail wags and doggie kisses. Krista regards her regular boarders like members of her own family, and she’s always thrilled to see them return for another stay. Of course, Krista always loves to see the furry puppies and kittens who visit the hospital, too.

When Krista leaves her kennel guests, she enjoys life with her husband in their Lorain, Ohio home. With her three grown stepsons living on their own, Krista’s furry pets are the light of her life. Bella, the Siberian husky, is a high-energy girl who prefers to spend her time outside. Baby, Krista’s English bulldog, is a real couch potato who loves to join Krista for a nap. Cleo, the black cat with attitude, specializes in tormenting visitors to Krista’s home, making their visit a bit more memorable than they planned.
Office Manager
When Laurie recalls her many years in the veterinary medicine field, she most remembers the joyful patient-client reunions. When a patient returns to their pet parent after treatment, Laurie receives great satisfaction from watching the pair interact like long-lost friends. Over the years, Laurie’s life has been touched by many furry patients, and their pet parents have become like family to her!

Growing up in North Ridgeville, Ohio, Laurie’s love for animals was nurtured by her parents. Laurie’s mother retired from animal hospital work, and her father worked in the Metro Parks. When Laurie was 15 years old, she began working as a kennel assistant, which provided her with a good foundation for an animal care career. From there, Laurie came to Pet Med Clinic as a veterinary assistant, and eventually moved into receptionist work. After 24 years, Laurie has grown into the Office Manager position, although she occasionally assists the veterinarian in the exam rooms.

Laurie thrives on the variety and the challenges her work provides, and she regards the hospital as her “home away from home.” In fact, Laurie considers her coworkers and clients like part of her family. Laurie is glad she can help the veterinarian make a difference in the clients’ and patients’ lives.

Laurie lives in Elyria, Ohio with her husband Dave and her son, who has inherited Laurie’s love for animals. She loves working in her flower garden, planting and trimming regularly, and cultivating colorful blooms for her friends and neighbors to see. During the evenings, Laurie enjoys bonfires under the stars.

Finally, animal-loving Laurie shares her home with two dogs, two cats, and a rabbit. Rio, Laurie’s Australian shepherd, keeps company with T.J., her husband’s Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. Hobart and Steiger, the couple’s two cats, keep the dogs on their toes. Fuzzy, the couple’s rabbit, rounds out the contingent of furry family members.
Veterinary Receptionist
Early in Samantha’s life, she learned what excellent veterinary treatment and tender loving care can do for an animal’s recovery. When Samantha was five, her Brittany spaniel puppy was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. Samantha’s family gave this sweet girl the best veterinary treatment possible, and stayed with her every step of the way. Samantha’s dog made a full recovery, and enjoyed life with Samantha for many happy years!

Samantha grew up in Elyria, Ohio, in a house where a family pet (or two) was always welcome. When Samantha was 17, she moved into her own apartment to finish high school. After she graduated, Samantha accepted an opportunity to complete a medical assisting college program. After working in the “human” medical field for four years, Samantha was ready for a change.

In 2011, Samantha had just moved to Lorain, Ohio, and was looking for a job she would enjoy. When Samantha saw the “Help Wanted: Receptionist” notice on the Pet Med Clinic sign, she jumped at the opportunity to work in a field that had always intrigued her. During her first day at work, Samantha knew her new job perfectly matched her passion for animals. Although Samantha enjoys many aspects of her job, she receives the most satisfaction from watching the strong bonds between the patients and their pet parents.

When Samantha’s not helping patients and clients, she loves spending time outdoors. Samantha takes every opportunity to ride her motorcycle, a relaxing hobby she has enjoyed since she was 21 years old. When it’s raining outside, Samantha prefers to curl up with a good book.

Animal-loving Samantha could never imagine living without her furry family members. Baby Kitty has been with Samantha since she was a tiny kitten who hid inside Samantha’s snack bag, sending Samantha on a wild goose chase to find her. Baby Kitty is convinced she’s a dog, and thinks it’s perfectly normal to bark at passing cars or joggers. Nala, Samantha’s 12-year-old Rottweiler/shepherd mix, is a happy canine housemate with lots of energy, but she can always find time to curl up on the couch with Samantha.
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