Meeting Your Guinea Pig’s Vitamin C Needs

Your guinea pig George could be on the cover of a guinea pig calendar. George’s hair coat is shiny, his eyes are clear, and he scurries energetically around his enclosure and play area. George seems to be the picture of guinea pig health. When your Lorain veterinarian prescribed George’s diet, your vet included several Vitamin C sources that help George’s body to run like a well-oiled machine. Because George’s body can’t manufacture this essential nutrient, you’ve made sure George gets his quota from delicious fresh produce.

Guinea Pig “Scurvy” Symptoms

If George was lacking in Vitamin C, he would eventually develop a deficiency similar to human scurvy. You’d see his hair coat look a bit rough, like he hadn’t groomed it for several days. George’s appetite would diminish, and he would look like his teeth were bothering him. George might become a bit lame, get a strangely high number of infections, and develop wounds that didn’t heal well. A slight Vitamin C deficiency might not cause any visible symptoms, although George’s immune system might still be affected.

Benefits of Vitamin C-Rich Foods

While George doesn’t say much about his diet, his body reaps several valuable rewards from his Vitamin C-packed fresh foods. In fact, some of these Vitamin C megasources also provide George with other vitamins and essential trace minerals. When George gnaws on these fresh foods with his busy little choppers, his teeth also get some much-needed exercise. George’s mind gets a workout, too, as his diverse diet can help to increase his mental faculties.

Vitamin C Powerhouse Foods

Good thing your grocery store carries many of George’s Vitamin C superfoods. If you’re a vegetable gardener, you might harvest some of these delicious veggies yourself. Look for red peppers, parsley, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower. Hop over to the store’s fruit aisle for tropical guava fruit. Other foods contain lesser amounts of Vitamin C, but can still help George to meet his quota.

Your Lorain vet can help you fine-tune George’s portion sizes and feeding frequency. Your vet can also identify additional ways for George to meet his Vitamin C requirement. After all, you want George to retain his calendar-pig appearance for years to come.

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