Halloween Pet Hazards

Halloween and Trick-or-Treat arrives at the end of this month. Are you and your pet ready to face the various hazards that crop up this time of year? Learn more below from your Lorain veterinary professional.


Most pet owners know that chocolate is very dangerous for our furry friends. All varieties can induce vomiting, diarrhea, breathing problems, seizures, and even coma if the problem isn’t resolved quickly. Keep your vet’s number close by to call in case of an emergency, and always store chocolate safely away where your pet can’t get to it.


Many candies, gums, and even certain baked products are sweetened with an artificial sugar substitute called xylitol. Xylitol is highly toxic to pets, causing severe reactions from even a few sticks of gum or pieces of candy. If your trick-or-treat bowl is full of candies and chocolates, make sure your pet is secured safely away so he can’t get his paws into it.


Some pet owners like to dress their cats and dogs up for Halloween. It can be fun and festive, but make sure your pet isn’t stressed out because of the costume. Some pets simply won’t like being contained in clothing, and some costumes might even have small, breakable pieces that could be choked on. Evaluate your pet’s costume before putting it on, and monitor him while he’s wearing it to gauge his stress level.


Take time to secure all wires and cords leading to any electric Halloween decorations, like glowing plastic pumpkins or fake ghosts. Also watch any decorative holiday corn or pumpkins—while these aren’t necessarily toxic, too much of any foreign substance can upset a pet’s stomach if ingested.

Escape Hazards

Does your pet like to dart at the door every time the doorbell rings? Since it may be ringing a lot during trick-or-treat, it’s safest to keep your pet secured with a leash or tether. You don’t want him escaping outside in the dark when the door opens.

Ask your Lorain vet for advice on keeping your pet properly identified, and see if he or she can offer any more helpful Halloween safety tips!

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